Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Conference

How does a Virtual Conference Work?

All the talks will be available on the Virtual Catholic Conference (VCC) Platform on Saturday February 20th. When you login to VCC, click on the St. Louis Catholic Men For Christ Landing Page to see the content we have selected for our conference. Men can watch at their parish with a men's group watch party or in their own homes.


What is the National Catholic Men's Conference?

Catholic Men For Christ is being offered as a part of the National Catholic Men's Conference, hosted by VCC.  We will have a dedicated landing page with St. Louis specific talks, and messages directly for the men of the Archdiocese of St. Louis (these will not be available to other VCC Participants).

In addition to the content selected for the Archdiocese of St. Louis Catholic Men For Christ Conference, the National Catholic Men's Conference will have over 50 additional talks available for viewing throughout the weekend. Men can access these on their own, or sign up for a premium pass to have access after February 21st.


How do I register?

Registration is through the Virtual Catholic Conference website. There are two registration tiers:

  1. Free - Access to the talks on the weekend of the Conference.
    • This signs you up for the entirety of the National Catholic Men's Conference and gives you access to the St. Louis Catholic Men For Christ specific content. 
  1. Premium - $39.99 Includes access to download all 50+talks, bonus content and ongoing online access and much more!



How do I watch?

We are encouraging Parishes to host watch parties and to host small group discussions throughout the day. We know that COVID-19 restrictions makes this hard, and different areas allow different sizes of gatherings. Contact your parish captain to learn what your parish is doing. 

If you are not comfortable attending a watch party, you may watch the conference on your computer at home by logging in. You will be emailed by VCC when access to the conference begins.


Who is speaking?


When you login to the National Catholic Men's conference  you'll have access to all of the great talks available on the platform. In addition, Catholic Men for Christ has a great lineup of exclusive talks and recommended content on our virtual conference page.



How old do I have to be to attend?

It's up to you, but we recommend that men no younger that 13 or 14 (eighth grade) attend. We especially encourage fathers to watch online with their sons who are of an appropriate age. 



I want to become a Conference Supporter. Where can I get this information?

Visit our conference supporter page on our website for information on getting your business in our online sponsor page. Thank you for your generosity and support of this Archdiocesan event!


I want to become a vendor. Where can I sign up?

We will not be offering conference vendors for the online conference. 


I want to volunteer. Where can I sign up?

We are not in need of volunteers for the online conference. To sign up to be a parish captain, click here. 

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